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Business Customers

Trade Finance
Our Centralized Trade Finance Department ensures delivery/notification of letters of credit to the beneficiary within minimum possible time of the receipt of the credit. This helps us achieve our aim of reducing costs and time for our customers for establishment of successful relationships. We Open, Advice, Negotiate and Confirm letters of credit, and will be pleased to assist you in case you require additional information.


HBL BasicBankingAccount
HBL BBA is a complete payroll solution compliant with WPS (Wages Protection System), an initiative undertaken by MOMP and Central Bank of the OMAN. Our expertise enables you to manage your business effectively and efficiently by streamlining your payroll processing system.

  • Open employee accounts within 48 hours*
  • No minimum balance*
  • No annual charges*
  • Free corporate accounts for employers*
  • Privileged rates
  • ATM access across the OMAN

(subject to terms and conditions)


Correspondent Banking
HBL has over 1,450 branches in 25 countries and over 600 correspondent banking relationships in over 100 countries, allowing us to offer our customers expertise in the area of Correspondent Banking. We are perfectly positioned to offer a wide range of products and services and remain committed to providing our customers with high quality processing services through our branches and correspondent banks.


Corporate Banking
HBL Corporate Banking Group comprises of a seasoned team of Relationship Managers (RMs) to meet the demanding service standards of large corporations. A long history of financing and nurturing relationships in Oman has given HBL a unique insight, enabling us to provide timely and effective financial solutions for our customers to meet the growing challenges of a global economy.


HBL Internet Banking (IB)

  • Make the most of your account with HBL internet banking.
  • This service enables you to keep track of your money easily and quickly, as well as avail the host of other services such as making payments and transfers and checking your statements.
  • HBL Internet Banking is safe and secure so register today.
  • Internet Banking profile management
  • Internet Banking usage and activity summary
  • ATM & Branch locator
  • Account summary and details
  • Transaction activity and details
  • Transaction statement download
  • Contact your nearest HBL branch or call our toll free number 80072244


HBL Business Banking (SME)

  • HBL Business Banking covers Term Loans and Bills Discounting (including cheques & invoices) up to a total maximum facility amount of RO250,000/= for a tenure of up to 5 years, and repayable in either monthly or quarterly installments
  • Companies engaged in General Trading, Foodstuff, Transport, Electrical and Building Materials, etc. having minimum three years of business history can apply
  • Contact your nearest HBL branch or call our toll free number 80072244



  • HBL Oman offers e-Statement Facility to its Retail and Corporate account holders
  • Receive and view your account statements at your convenience
  • Choose your frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Half-Yearly.
  • Contact your nearest HBL branch or call our toll free number 80072244